Adding Tags to photos so dynamically searchable

Off the bat, you’ll need to filter where filter name is the one clicked AND where user tagged is user sheet > user.

To prevent tags from even showing up, you’ll need to do a bit of dancing. My first inclination is to do a mult relation from the user to the photos sheet. Then, lookup the filter names. Then in the inline list, filter where filter name > is included in > user > filter name lookup

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This is also a good solution.

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@ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto Thanks guys, I’ll try them

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Hey @Robert_Petitto , great stuff as usual, question. Could you not achieve this by using a joint list on a glide table so it doesn’t use rows…??

This is really good!

I am using your formula but keep getting an #REF and saying it will overlap into another column any fix for this?

Can you post the formula that gives the error, and a screenshot of the sheet that shows the column headers?

You’ll need to delete any other existing content/formulas in that column.