How to Create Contact List from Checkbox Selections

I posted the other day, but I am going to rephrase my question as I might be down the wrong path entirely…

Basically in my app I’d like to have seperate users be able to add contacts, then using the checklist layout selection, I’d like them to be able to select which contacts to add to a “contact list”. Then that contact list could be generated into a PDF on a per user basis and emailed to them.

Right now I am using query to create the contact list, but having difficulty making the PDF work on a per user basis, since my script just creates a PDF of the sheet which has all users on it. Is there another way to do this that might be simpler? I can post my app if you like or let me know if I can refine my question.

To start out, I think you may be misunderstanding how the checklist works in it’s current form. It’s not designed to be used as a multiple select list to select items to submit elsewhere. Think of it more like to-do or a task list. Checking off a list item will immediately set a column value in that list sheet to true or false. Maybe you already understand that and I’m not understanding your app flow, but I just wanted to clarify.

I have a similar situation where I would like to create an invoice PDF per coach/student combination. I’m guessing it would require scripting, but I just haven’t gotten that far yet. For simplicity, I try to avoid scripting as much as I can. In your other post you mentioned that you had a checkbox to run the script. I wonder if a form button would be better. You could submit the user’s email and any other relevant info you need. Then maybe your script could use the additional info to only generate the PDF using the matching info from the form entry. The finally either delete the row or set a value in another column to indicate that the form entry has been processed and the PDF generated.

Yes, I think the form submission might be a really good solution here, I haven’t used that yet so didn’t even give it a thought. Will let you know how it ends up working.

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