Using Query, Checkboxes, and Per User Email, to generate Contact List

I have this app I have been working on here.

Basically the concept is I need to recommend people to be hired for short term work and forward their contact information to my boss to reach out to them. The positions for each job change often, so there is a page where you select which roles will be on that job, then you select which person will fill that role.

I then use query and VLookup to generate a “Crew List” and the crew list tab.

In my project info sheet I have a button that if you click, it will check a box that will then run a script that will email a PDF of the crew list.

This worked great with a single user, no issues. My problem now is moving to multiple users is how do I generate a PDF with only that users crew members? Currently everyones checked crew members show up on the “Crew List”.

Let me know if I need to explain further or change my apps settings to be more visible. Thanks so much for your help. Feel like I’m very close here!

Why not just send this app to your boss instead of pdf?

Great question! I have a new boss twice a week. Trying to make this work into most people’s existing workflow and send them what they expect.

Hi, I am interested to see how you went about it as I have a similar case. Appreciate sharing how you went about it.

I was never able to figure it out, I ended up just making an app for myself. If someone else wants it they can copy my template. I did get it all to work, but just without the per user email.