How to create add to cart part manually

How can I create add to cart part manually.
Any free example apps available?

It’s a bit of a tedious and complex process because CARTS are products or items dependent.

Do you want just the CART or the order table as well?

Assuming you

Cart only,I have a separate app for orders.

Think like I need both.any example copyable app.

I am not sure if there is a copyable App unless you purchase a template from the template store.

I know @SantiagoPerez had an example of an App but I am not sure if it is still available for copying…

Hola @Luther

If you tell me what app it is, i will be able yo posted here.

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If I still remember correctly I think it was “Tienda” or something link that. I think it was in Spanish/Portuguese, I just can’t remember…

I hope it is this one:

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Yes it looks that same. From the App icon, it looks similar but the name has changed though…lol☺️

I don’t know the language in which it’s displays.

Did you try copying the App referenced on this thread then? I see Jeff tried to direct you to the link…