Why someone help to create add to cart functionality


I need a help and I need to create add to cart functionality to know how it’s working and can learn to create in my app.

Why someone?
May be an example?

Hola @Manikandan_R

There are several examples in the forum. You just need to browse.

I even remember @ThinhDinh posted one and so did @Jeff_Hager.

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Here’s the link.


Actually I’m not implementing the purchase,stock things.Have created what my city people can do easily to view products and may be delivering the order.

Have made apps which are more towards e commerce but in a simple way.Its look complete but very very simple.i can run this and gets the order.

But may be some shop owner could ask for add to cart functionality.i have seen people built some very simple add to cart.Thats the kind of simple add to cart which is needed.

Now the orders are created individually.but I need to add more products that’s were my problem is.

That’s y I need your helps.

Looking forward a lot of helps in making my app with a cart.