🤔 How to: Connect my app to customers ecosystem (web browser, desktop app, etc)?


In order to pull some information (alphanumeric information) from within a client’s ecosystem (an mobile app/website/desktop app), what would that entail?

My app would be a link in the menu/tab that runs in the background until that the user clicks and inputs information they want to save. Ideally, they would not even have to change pages or log out. My app would be integrated in with the company branding.

Hope you can help.

To pull info into a Glide App, you’d need to use some sort of fetchURL…otherwise, you can always use webhook and Glide API to write values to the Glide Database from your other platform as long as that platform supports it.

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Thank you for the reply. I’ll be honest… no clue what you were talking about but that’s because I’m new. lol I’ll head over to Youtube University and get some details. Thanks a million for pointing me in the right direction!!