Customer App With Shopify Customer Info

Hi all,

Our team is working on building an app that guides the customer’s experience after they purchase. We have an Airtable that has Shopify customer data fed through it, and we want to create user profiles with one-to-many data relationships (so they can see all their orders, questionnaires etc. associated with their email when they log in). We also want them to be able to upload their photos to the Airtable and port them out somewhere else through Zapier.

Are there any templates that exist for a customer experience app? I’ve been looking around a bit but I haven’t found anything super specific.

Also, is this app theoretically possible to make through Glide, or should we look elsewhere?

Thanks all!

This is perfectly buildable in Glide! I don’t have a template for this use case, but feel free to reach out to an expert if you need something built quickly or need coaching.

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We recently built an Glideapp with a shopify integration at LowCode. Feel free to book here.