Add informations directly into a App link?

Hi all,

Im actually working on a public app (sign-in required and everybody can sign-up) and I was guessing if there was a way to “add informations” directly in a app link (like hidden fields for example) and so, thanks to that, when a user create a account, it autofil data for this user in the database.

Let me explain how my project work and what I want to do :

I have a public app where sign-in is required and everyone can create a account. On this app my users are all linked to a company : actually when they log in for the first time they have to choose the one they want to be linked with, but I want this to change.

I dont want my users to be able to choose freely their company. I would like that information to be directly autofiled when the user sign up and I was guessing if their was a way to do that ?

For example I have 3 companies : A, B and C

I would like to give a app link to company A and every user who sign up with this link will be directly linked to company A in the database. Same for company B and C.

Is there a way to do that (or something like that) in Glide ? That would be a huge game changer for me !

Thanks in advance for the help !

If they sign up with their company email, I think it will be straightforward for you to extract the domain and use that to know which company it is, but it might not be the case.

Nope, this can’t be done with Glide for now.