How to automatically add an item to the cart for free?

First of all, thanks for this impressive app ! This is truly a game-changer.

I run a restaurant and I created an app to help my customer order online,

And I would like to add a feature to my app :

—> When my customers added the main course to the cart, how to automaticaly add a dessert for free ? :raised_hands:

Thanks !

PS: here is my app :

As far as I’m aware of (I’m not the expert here), the user would have to manually choose the free dessert.

BTW just a silly observation, you might get a better menu view if you use inline lists, so you can separate by type of dish (pastas, pizzas, etc; or primo, secondo, beverages, etc)

Thanks but I don’t see that option in my editor

Check this to the right.
It’s a DETAILS view, and then you add the menu as inline lists, filtered by type (in my case, entrees, main, desserts, etc)

THANKS !! I DID IT !! I don’t know how to thank you lol…