Super simple grocery shopping

Hi gang!
I am trying to create a very simple shopping app for food delivery.

Starting screen has a few categories
Each category has a list of products.

Now, what I am trying to achieve here is that in the list of products, the user can either click on the product to get more information. But I also want to add a little plus icon so that the user can add one or many of each product without needing to click in on the product.

Am I missing something?
Or is that simply not possible?
I can’t find any way to add a plus icon to add a product to cart.

Any help on this very appreciated!

No, I don’t think there is any simple way to do what you want.
Normally with something like this you would use either a couple of floating buttons or a button bar on a details screen.

If your Products are presented as a list layout - and it sounds like that’s the case - then you don’t have that option. And even if your Products list was an inline list on a details screen, you’d have a context challenge. ie. you’d be able to add buttons to the screen, but there would be no way to know which list item/s they should act on.

If you were working in Pages, you would have access to collection item custom actions, and this would be quite trivial to do. But we don’t have those in Apps, and I can’t think of any workaround, sorry.

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This sounds like a prime use case for the “For Each” layout in staging, right? I imagine a button on the “card” to add without going in, and when you actually click the card you will view the details view of the product.

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yeah, but even with what we have now you could do something like this:

Not possible in Apps, though.


ok. thanks so much for helping. I guess I need to test another builder for this feature.