Add "+" icon to top in details view

I really like the “+” button for allowing users to add data in the app.

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 8.00.25 AM

However, when I switch to the details layout, the “+” icon is removed from the top area. I really want the flexibility of details layout and I’m wondering if it is possible to somehow preserve the “+” icon in the details layout.

I know a form button would do the same thing - but I really like the subtle and clean UI approach of the simple “+” icon.


And please give us this as another button component option! That’s in my head all day as I build - the single button options makes the design heavier and redundant over time!

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Absolutely. I would love to see this as a button component option!

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In a details layout, data might come from different sheets so if you allow a “+” button, it might be confusing if the data that has been added does not come up somewhere you can look at easily.

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