Button to add an item

Would be great to have a button to add an item (so you could display an “add” button on a details screen with other content.

Like this? I just use a form button to add records.

I need the ability to edit the form submission… which is why I was using the Add ability (to add an item and then be able to edit it afterwards). If I submit a form, I can’t edit the submission.

Unless… I have the form add items to a list of items that is editable…? Hmm you may be on to something!

Yes, that’s how I do it. The form button adds items, but then I turn on editing for the details of each item. Add and Edit can be controlled separately.

This is cool on a detail screen, but I’d like the ability to have the “Add Button” on the home screen as either a button or a “Tab” Like a “+” on the tab bar that would allow me to add an item to a sheet.

Take a look at what I did here. My goal was to make my submissions like mini blog posts. This particular use case is to create a timeline of sorts by capturing milestone events as they happen during a snow/ice operation, but you can adapt it to just about anything.


Change the home tab to the Detail Style Layout with a placeholder sheet (with at least one column heading) and you can do exactly what @Tim_Sullivan is showing.

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OK. Got it set up with the button, but when I try to link to screen, it doesn’t give me an option to link to the “Add New” screen. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Make the button a form button, and have it open a form with the appropriate fields to enter your data.

Awesome graphics by the way, love the illustration.

thanks. will give it a try. Graphics from https://www.opendoodles.com/ very cool!