How to add call & Message icons on the List view?

How can we add icons in list view just like given in the picture below.
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In the above pictures I have marked some icons which I want to add in my app. Is there a way to add those icons in my app?

No, if you’re trying to add that to an inline list then it’s a no. You would have to add that as separate buttons on the details view of each item.

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This has been my challenge without much success. The closest I have come to is on a checklist but without icons like the ones in the image. Checkout this sample app:

Did you find a solution to this? I want to create a list of contacts with “Phone” icon in each item.

Try the Action Row component.

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But it has the individual database and not the list one

Try the action row or button bar inside a custom

You can also try card collection and add collection item action.

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