How to auto fill email and phone number


I have two tables, product list table and business user table.

I have filled the business users table details which are,name, email, phone number,shop name.

Now I need to auto fill the email and phone number from business users table in the product list table by sing the shop name.

How to do this?

Can i do like this,im the one who will add business profile,so what i will do is first add products details and after that i will create the business users profile.In that i can add details and saving trigger to set column vaalues based on shop name to fill email and phone number. How can i do this if possible?

If you’re absolutely sure the shop name is unique, why not use a relation back to the Business User Table and do a lookup to retrieve the phone number?

Yes shop names are unique.but in the same sense phone number also unique.can we do something with the phone number? Or still going with the shop name is the correct thing?

Well you said you want to “auto fill” the email and phone number. The email and phone number exist in the Business User table, and the only link that seems to be reliable enough to be unique is the shop name, isn’t it?

Or, you can just make sure you create a business user before creating new products, then you can use the rowID of the business user to add to the product row, and create the relation using that rowID.

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I will create the business users first and then add products.but you told how to do that,but I couldn’t do that,can you tell me the steps to do?

Where are you stuck? You can use a form in the details view of a business user to create products for them. Then in the form, pass the rowID of the business user to the products table and do the relations from there.

I don’t have row I’d in business users table.

I only have sku I’d in product list table.

How can I make relation?