Autofill When Allow Useer to Adding Items

In my food truck app, I want the truck to be able to add menu & calendar items once they have signed into the app. When adding items, I would like the ‘food truck name’ and ‘food truck email’ to autofill those fields once the user clicks to add an item. Is this possible?

The app is setup to signin with email, so the user is only seeing his/her information.

App address is

Can you try and verify that we can add “column” values in an add action like what we have with a form?

I don’t fully understand what you mean because of language limitations.

But the way I do it when I take an order is: on the sheet you collect data from the form. I create a new tab and show the content that subscribers and designers only see logged in content. and I create an auto-save column so the 3rd tab shows the orderer’s time

Don’t know what you mean?

Once the user clicks on the “+”,

I want the Food Truck Name and Email to automatically to be filled in since they are signed in as the user.

Yes you can add, but my relations are built on the food truck name and email.

Sorry I don’t quite catch it, what do relations mean here in the context that you want the name & email to be autofilled?

I figured it out, I used the ‘Choice Component’ for the user to select.