Auto-Fill Feature

I am working on a database application and I have these columns Roll No.; Student Name: Parent Name.
I have a unique numeric value of Roll No. for each of the record and I want to implement an auto-fill feature for as the user enters the Roll No. for the student, it auto fills the related value in the Student Name and Parent Name fields… How can I do that?

Is all this happening inside a form screen, or do you just have some input components on a details screen?

Either way, you’ll need to write the entered Roll No. to a user specific column. You can then use the entered value to build a relation to whichever table holds the other two values, and fetch them via lookup columns.

If this is being done inside a native form screen, user specific columns cannot be used and so you would need to switch to a custom form.

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This is supposed to be done on a form screen, I will try this out. Thanks for your help. :blush: