Add Food Menu to Truck Listing

How would I add the menu items from a separate sheet to the food truck under the Truck Listing tab.
This is the test data under the Menus worksheet.

Nice! I was planning on making a Food Truck finder as well. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Any idea on how to get the menu items under the truck listing tab?

You’ll need to create a relation in the truck listing tab to the menu tab.

what data would I use to create the relations, I have tried a number of items and nothing has worked. Below is my sheet for truck information.

And which sheet should I create the relation column?

Food truck name. Create a MULTIPLE relation column in food truck linking the names. Then, in your Food Truck tab in the app, create an inline list of the relation! Use the tiles or Cards layout for showcasing the menu items.

Thanks!!! Now what information do I need for the map section to work correctly. Can I use intersections instead of addresses because some trucks will park on the street and may not know the address.

You can use Lat and Long…bit inconvenient to enter it into the Glide app…there’s been a feature request to grab user location as special value in a Form, but I don’t think it’s possible. Let me think on this.


Once I get the user app completed, I want to create a separate app for the truck owner to login and be able to input his calendar dates (current and future) with locations, and this one would act as the user app. But I would need to know how they can add a location to the app.

What you think?

Robert I have completed v1 of my app. I am working on the food trucker app now, and I want to allow them to sign in and update their menu and calendar, while still using the same database. How do I set up so when they log in, they only see their menu items and calendar lists.

Also is there a delete item button we can add to the calendar list?

Hers is the app code:987jv

The delete item can exist on the details page of the calendar event, yes. To filter the app so that the truckers only see their own items, ensure that you’ve set filter: email is signed in user in the features tab of the layout screen.

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How do you create the delete button?

And I am not getting that filter option.

Is your app sign in settings set to public with email? To get the delete button you’ll need to enable editing. Details view > edit tab > enable edit item > enable delete item

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Yes it is set up for public with email. I found the delete option. Thanks!

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I will most likely convert to email whitelist if it adds additional security for them to make changes.

I realized I needed to make a column in the data so the drop down will recognize the email.

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