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This is my front page,it has a form button “To Advertise…click here” ,it moves to getting shop name,shop no and address.

Email gets filled by the logged in user email.
The form button should created rows in business owners table such as shop name,shop no,shop address and email.

If that email in business owners table its should show the business owner tab and also the floating button.other users shouldnt show the floating button and business owners tab.
The floating button is to send the advertisement detail to the business owners table which should gets updated everytime thge business owners wants to advertise.

looks easy but confused on how the tab visibility should used on this.

Hope i can get help from experts…

Dont make the email id an entry field!
Capture it from User Columns!

After thats done, you need to create a relation between this and business owners!
If the relation exists, you can show the other two tabs!
Else, should take care of itself!

How to capture email id from user profile?

How to create a relation between this and business profile?

How to show the if then else column if exits,

Can you show of some screenshots please?

Hi shantanu,

Can you guide me to do this 3 points one by one. Little confused of what you saying.

I will send screenshot one by one.

For relations:

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