How to assign integer value via the set columns action?

Hello guys, I need help.

Is there anyway to assign integer value via the set columns action?
I found that when I put 5 in the custom field, it set '5 (string) into the cell instead of 5 (number).

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I remember seeing a similar post the other day. Perhaps related? It has a solution, worth a read

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As said in the thread @Rosewebstudio provided, if you source it from a numeric column (and not from a custom value or a non-numeric column) then it will work.


Thank you @Rosewebstudio, but I don’t understand the solution. My app uses that column to calculate for another column by using vlookup formula in google sheets.

yes @ThinhDinh, I also found that problem. I wonder that the column was fixed to number entry, but why when user typed numbers in a form, Glide app stored it as text.

My fix was modifying the user’s input (text) to store in a glide table, then assign that value back to the intended column.

What I wondered was about why I just can’t use the user’s number entry directly as it should be stored as number, not a text.

Well as you said, I think this is a bug.