Apostrophe ' mark is added to GS cells!

what is going on ??? when setting columns action, is adding the apostrophe ’ mark in front of the value… google-sheets formulas can’t do string match on that !!!

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 7.37.39 AM

This has been like that for a while I believe. When you set a value to a column in Google Sheet it’s read as text.

no… it gives ’ in front of value !!! look at the image… is only visible in formula bar.
i did workaround for this… but now i’m worry for all my other Apps if they works good!

What is your Glide column type?
It doesn’t happen for me if the column is defined as a “Number” type in Glide.

number… I also set GS to number… no change when again set column.
in this screenshot, you can see that formula is saying that E2 is not less than 10 !!!

Yes, it’s normal and is an old trick used by MS Excel since 1994-95 (when I discovered it) as well.

The single quote (‘) is not part of your string/number (or GS shouldn’t consider it), it’s a way to force a format (text), like the toString() method in JavaScript.

What about if you manually create some values using (‘) and compare them with other values?
Is there any match or not?


it don’t matter ! math formula is not working… that is a big problem!

Where is the value coming from that you use in the set column action?

from another math column… all doing math on numbers… so it should be a number

Of course, your cells using (‘) at the beginning are handled as string/text and not number.

What kind of data are you sending from Glide? A screenshot will help more.


Works for me, so far. Tried sourcing the set column from another numeric column, from a text entry to text column, from a numeric entry to a text column and from a math column that used another numeric column. All writing to a numeric column. The only time I get the apostrophe is if I manually type a number into the box for the set column action. If it’s sourced from another column then it’s working.

Disclaimer: I’m testing this with my test app in staging.


ok @Jeff_Hager I found the problem:

classic Glide problem for a long time! to leave else option empty… but in my case, I need that empty! ok… tnx a lot for waking me up LOL… i need to think of workaround for this

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Ah, well that’s not a math column…but yes, that completely makes sense. I use the else trick to convert numbers to text.

i know… there is more columns that do math on it… and only if less logic fail in GS thats why it was hard for me to find it.

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as you see you can perform sum on that cell… Glide has to fix it!
for now we have to extract only numbers from value before calculating.
I marked this bug as solved… but is really not a good solution.

hmmm… i keep analyzing … and is not the issue … that column have nothing to do with that.

value is coming from a math column thru action with if else filter

ok the fix is :
=if(VALUE(REGEXREPLACE(E2,"\D+", ""))<10,"yes","no")
still not a real solution… Glide, please fix it!

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@Uzo , unfortunately it isn’t a Glide problem, the functionality you are seeing comes from its design.

If you do the same in MS Excel you will have the same problem.
JavaScript even has the same behavior with strings that “look” like numbers:


x=“10” ; y=“5” ; z=“home” ; a= “3”

If you sum x+y, the result is 15 (not 105)

y+x+a = 18
y+x+z = “15home”
z+x+a = “home103”

But using comparison operators the things change and everything looks easy (or complicated :woozy_face:) to understand:

If a<“10” —> False
If y<“40” —> False

Feliz día

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you don’t fallow the problem… it is Glide … i don’t have any non numerical values or any non numerical columns… on the way form Glide to GS…
your samples have nothing to do with this issue @gvalero