Custom action, "Add row" - how to fill with a numerical value?

Hi all.
Situation - there is a field in numeric format. When filling this field via “Add row”, the value is a text value, while I need a numeric value. There is an option, of course, via a formula in Google.Sheet to convert this value to numeric, but this is wrong.
Is there any working way to do it quickly and without pain)?

Are you filling that destination column with another column or a custom value?

I am filling it as a custom value.
It is expected that as the field has a numeric value, only the numeric value will go there, the other types of value will be replaced by NULL

So this is more about the formatting in Sheets, you already have that column as a number column inside Glide right?

Yes, in the GlideApps editor the field is of data type “Number”

Yeah, I can confirm I faced this before. It seems like the custom values are automatically formatted as a text. My workaround back then was to have a math column with a single number then write that column to the destination. It works, but it should have been automatic.

I have the same implementation now, but it doesn’t seem quite right to me - the value type conversion should be at the GlideApps level.
Thanks for the comments, question closed.