Changing Column Type

I have column, actually its Number Column Type, But its Always show as Date Value and ask Display…
I Dont Know how to change this type column to Number Column like I want…
Because when I want to edit, the column type can’t change (grey font)

Please help me…
thank you…

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Go to your sheet and change the format of the cells there, then refresh the Editor.

it doesn’t work

What are your values currently showing in the Sheet for that column? Can we have some screenshots?

here is in the sheet

and here is in the app editor

Try a new column, pre formatted it as numbers in the Sheet, copy the content of your original column to the new one and refresh the Editor to see if it changes.

You can also add a number column inside Glide, it will automatically generate a new column in your sheet. You can copy the data to that new column.