Can't change column types

Hello guys,

I have a column in my sheet which uses a formula to calculate some value. I also have a Glide app which can add rows to that sheet. When I add row my formula column is emptied out in the new row and there is nothing calculated. I think I saw somewhere that you can change the column type so it’s a formula but I can’t change any column’s type they are all grayed out. I also don’t have any component or anything in the Add screen which refers to this column. Any help will be appreciated!

To change the column type to what it should be, you can try creating a new column using Glide Editor and copy the old data to the new column, so it should honor the format.

Another way is to try changing the format of the cell on the second row of that column (assuming that’s where the data starts to be filled in). As I understand Glide makes a best guess of the column type based on that cell.

But I need the data in the sheet so new column doesn’t work when it’s with Math column type. And changing the cells didn’t work

I understand you need the data in the Sheet. Do you use arrayformula for that column? Can you share a sample of your data, or the formula you use for that column?

This is an example data. The last column is set to contain the two left elements summed together.
Now when I make an app with this sheet I want to be able to input A and B and then have A+B be correct. But If i make it A+B is set to an empty cell(if i make it like =IF(A+B>0, A+B, “”) ) or if it’s just like in the image with zeroes it will place it after all the rows with the formula(zeroes)

It should be this in your C1 cell.


This works great thanks a lot!

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