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Currently, whenever an entry is added through a form on a app, I insert this formula with Zapier (it’s in dutch):

=IFS(B42=“ContentA”; IFS(ISLEEG(E42);TEKST.SAMENVOEGEN(D42;" “;F42);NIET(ISLEEG(E42));TEKST.SAMENVOEGEN(D42;” “;E42;” ";F42)); B42=“ContentB”; C42;B42=“ContentC”; C42)

However, I want this formula to be added quicker to the row so the value can show up a few seconds quicker in the app. I use Zapier for this because I can insert the row number. So in Zapier, I have B for examples, which becomes B42.

Any way to do this in Glide, so I don’t have to use Zapier to add this formula? I need a way to get the row number of the added entry or a way to calculate the total number of rows before adding to add +1 to it, for example.

Thanks in advance!

If your end goal is to get an auto-incrementing number, here is a method you can use that is pure Glide.

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Your solution works, and I have the correct formula with row numbers in Glide. However, when added to Google Sheets, it is added with an ’ at the start, which causes it to not transform to a formula but just plain text. How do I fix this?

Check the column type in Glide and make sure it’s a number type.

But, what is the formula for?
The solution I gave you doesn’t require any formulas.

The formula I posted at the start of this topic is the formula I want to add to a field—every time a new entry is created. Thanks to your comment, I was able to get the formula with the correct row numbers. However, I now need to ensure that the formula is parsed correctly in Google Sheets.

I think the whole point was to build the resulting column value in glide. Not build the formula for google to do the work to get that resulting value. If you build all of the logic in glide, then you will not have any of the lag you were worried about when waiting for glide and google to resync.


Yes, you’re right, I thought the formula would be more straightforward, but it ended up being more work, so I replaced the whole formula with some columns, which now does precisely the same. Thanks for your help!

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