Adding a new row in google sheet leaves a blank row cell in number column

when I insert a new row in google sheet to add a new data, e.g. after row no 38 in column titled No., the data editor takes all data entered correctly but leaves a blank in row under column No. i.e. it does not show 39 but leaves it blank; and earlier entry at 39 keeps its place. How should I add insert additional rows for earlier omitted data in google sheet?
if I try to add a new row in data editor it invariably asks to insert a row ID column and data is entered in new row at the end instead of at the place I intend. I’m in a fix how to proceed.?
will it be in order if I insert data in google sheet at the row no I intend? And what if I add my own S.nos in data editor in blanks like 38a,39a etc? Or is it necessary to insert a row Id col.?
Pl help. thnaks

Check the last row in your Google sheet. Sometimes (usually when you have some sort of array formula going on) Glide will insert new rows at the bottom of your table rather than in the next “empty row”.

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I think I have to explain myself again.
My Google sheet has data in say 100 rows with no blanks , and I have made a glide page with data in this sheet.
Now I learnt that I need to insert additional 3 rows below row at Sno 37. I insert the rows and data and data editor shows the data perfectly. But the problem is that it leaves cells in column named Nos blank in the inserted rows. And continues with the Nos at 38 , ignoring new nos 38,39,40 in Google sheet and treats them as blank in data editor.
I want to avoid rowID column as it is of not much use in my app.
So How can I overcome this so that sno is not disturbed and left blank in data editor after inserting data?
No array is involved.
I hope I’m clear.

Can you add a screen shot from each of the Data Editor and your Google Sheet to help us better visualise this please?

screen shot GS

Inserted entry at 39 Jaislmer’…Officers etc.
screen shots data editor

shows No col blank although data is entered in the editor correctly.

How is that Row Number (shown in the first column in your second screen shot) created?

One thing to be aware of is that the row numbers that you see in the Glide Data Editor will not correspond to the Row Numbers in the Google Sheet. This is because Glide uses the first row as the column headers, and starts counting the actual data rows from row 2. So it will always appear as though there is one extra row in the Google Sheet.

The row No.s in first col. in 2nd sheet were created after I inserted a row below row no 38–Udaipur in google sheet which corresponds to no 37 in data editor-Udaipur, as glide uses first row as column header rightly explained by you. As my G sheet has 98 rows that correspond to 97 in data editor,
My question is with reference to the blank cell in editor as shown in the 2nd screen shot after inserting the row in google sheet .
keeping aside the glide behavior I wish to know

  1. whether I can add my own no in blanks such as 38a, b, c without causing any problems in the app. I need to add 3 more such rows in google sheet.
  2. in such a scenario whether adding col. rowID is required although it does not serve any other purpose?

If I understand correctly, then the answer is yes. You can add whatever data that you want in any order that you want in the Google Sheet, and it will sync with Glide.

Although RowIDs are incredibly useful, the only time they are absolutely necessary in a Glide table that’s connected to a Google Sheet is if you want to use User Specific columns in that table. Otherwise they are completely optional.

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