How to add various currency units

Hi all,
I would like to allow my app users to set their preferred in-app currency and have the chosen currency set as the units for that user in the number column. How can I achieve that?
In a nutshell, I would like the currency chosen by each user to be specific to that user rather than setting one default currency for all users, as my users are from different countries.

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You can have the currency selected by the user as a column of the users. Then all your products have to be uploaded with all currencies you are supporting in differents columns.

When you have that workarround working you can force the user to select a currency in their profile and then create an if-then-else column in your products table to see if the user currency selected is euros then ‘euros-column’ if it’s dollars then ‘dollars-column’ and so on for all the currencies.

Then you have to display that if-then-else column and when a user selects euros they will see all in euros and when a user selects another currency then all will be updated for that user automatically.

Hi Adriasoce,

Thanks for your reply, seems like a perfect solution if I was selling products.
But I’m not selling products, it’s a personal finance app, there are a few columns in different sheets that require currency, and there are other columns that are dependent on these columns, and so it would not be possible to create various columns as it would break the flow of functions on the App.

If it was possible for the units section to reflect various currencies or display data from a choice component.

You can. Setting to user row a column of the preferred currency you then can add a template column with the value that you want to show and something to substitute by user->currency.

For someone with euros will display like 2.34 € and for someone with dollars will be displayed as 2.34 $ (with their own values).

In this option:


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You could, in theory, have a default “value” currency.

Let’s say USD.

Once someone has chosen their currency you could have a Google sheet pick up the current exchange rates from USD, and convert it on the fly. This maybe utterly irrelevant, but thought I would throw it out there as an idea.

It would be a simple lookup and a maths column to convert from USD to their local currency.

It should also work alongside any columns you already have.

Perfect solution! Thank you so much!!