Precision, units not preserved when using if-then-else

I think this one has been reported before, but this is a really clear (I think) example that I just bumped into this morning:

In the above example:

  • temp_lower_limit is just a basic number column
  • mth/lower-f converts it to fahrenheit, and changes the units from C to F
  • tp/lower-display-f combines the 2 using a template
  • ite/lower-display applies logic to decide which column to use for display purposes:
    • If temp unit is C, then use the original (temp_lower_unit)
    • Else use the template with the converted value in parentheses

The issue is that the precision and units are stripped from the original value when its passed through the if-then-else column (3rd row).

The workaround is to add another template column just to lock the formatting of the original, and use that in the if-then-else, ie…

but… ugh :nauseated_face: