How to add multiples notes with reminder on different items?

Hello everyone,

I am a bit stuck !

  • I have a listing of items
  • On each item I would like to add multiples notes (different for each items)
  • On each note I would like to add a reminder

Do you know a genius way to do this? It’s been some day that I am trying to find a solution

Thank you for anybody you can add it help!

You can add pretty much as many as you want but you have to decide on a max number. Each item would be capable of having the maximum number of notes as there would be a column in the spreadsheet for each note, but they wouldn’t show in the Glide view unless there was text in them. On individual item edit you would be able to enter them however.

Thank you George ! However, I am not sure it fully resolve what I am trying to do as I would like to add a reminder on each note

How do you want to receive a reminder?

I am having in a mind another tab called “Today reminder” which would display the notes that we wanted to be reminded on this special day

I would first add a form button on your item detail page. Use the form button to write a unique value from the Item details (using Column Value components), your note (using a Note or other entry component), the reminder date (using a date entry component), and user email if needed (using the Special Values components).

Next create a relation column to link the unique value from the Item sheet to the identical unique value in the Notes sheet. You will use this relation to create an inline list on the item details to show each note.

Your Today reminder tab could either be the Notes sheet, or another sheet where you add an inline list pointed to the notes sheet. You will then filter the inline list where the date that was entered is within Today.

Thank you Jeff, with your help I achieve what was needed !

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