Adding a To Do list

I was wondering if anyone could give a bit of guidance on how to add a To Do list that could be used to check off a pre-loaded list of items that need to be accomplished?

Thank you!

That would be pretty straight forward. Just create a sheet with 2 columns, one for the todo and one for the done status. Then you would add two components for each one just a Text to display the name of the ToDo and the next one a checkbox. The downside to this approach would be not having a traditional looking checkbox next to the item displayed horizontally.

Option 2 would be to create a sheet with columns for all you todo’s and label the columns with those long named todo’s. The rows single or multiple rows below would be where your true/false would be stored. You would have to pre-populate them to all false so the components would show up in a detail view. Doing it this way and in combination with a logged in users email you could have multiple people having their own list.

Option 3 would be to use Google Keep and forget about it in Glide if that is your sole purpose of the app. Sometimes you need to pick the right tool for the job. I discovered Keep about 6 months ago and it is amazing. I use it for all kinds of lists and notes. You can share the list, or notes, with others so in my case we have one shopping list that both my wife and I can put things on, then at the store as you load them into you basket you simply check them off.

Option 1 will work great with a checklist layout.

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I keep forgetting about that layout!

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