How to add multiple

Hello everyone,

I still can’t find How to display the message and phone icon with their components in my app?

Use the phone component instead of the basic text component with an action. The phone component displays both buttons.

Where do i find my phone component ?

oh i search for it by adding a new component…sorry that was a stupid question ahaha :slight_smile: Thanks . :slight_smile:

I was also wondering how to add multiple image so they can slide to the right>?

Hehe, no problem.

Here is info for multiple images.

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Where in Glideapps can we enable email sign ?

Here you go.

Thanks a lot Jeff :slight_smile: Good afternoon, i hope you are doing well.

I just signed up for Glide pro. I am trying to add my custom domain. I just registered and purchased a domain on google domains. I am pretty confused with this domain configuration tutorial ( .

Can you please help me set up my custom domain? My custom domain is :

I don’t have any experience with Pro accounts and setting up domains. Hopefully somebody else can help out.

alright thanks Jeff :slight_smile: