Permanent phone&mail components


I’m trying to build an “about” tab with my name, picture, phone, email, etc.
I want to add phone component and email component, which will phone&email to my phone number and to my email.
How can I add a phone component ot email component that connects to one specific phone number or mail (not with phone number or mail that were taken from the sheet)?


Hello @Pnina_Barth, welcome to this community forum for Gliders.

This is how I would do it:

  • In Google Sheets, create a worksheet (tab) that you can call “About”. The data in your “About” worksheet will feed the “About” tab in your app.
  • Create two rows in this sheet: the first row should include your headers (the name of your properties or attributes, for instance name, image, phone, email, description) and the second row should include the actual data (your name, the URL of your image, your phone number, etc.)
  • In the Glide editor, create a tab and link it to your new “About” worksheet. You can also call this new tab “About”.
  • In the design section of your “About” tab, select the “Details” layout. The detail layout will only fetch the first line below the row with the headers.
  • In your details layout, you can add many components: “Title” might be of interest, “Rich text” or “Text” (for a name or headline for instance), and then the phone and email components.
  • In the phone component, you can set settings to texting as well.
  • You might also be interested in adding one of the “button” components. In the “action” settings of the button, you may want to offer your users the option to filk out a contact form or send them to an external web page.

Maybe this video on the details layout will help.

I hope this was clear enough.

Thanks a lot.

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