How to add audio to an App

I am the coach for an First Lego League team that is building an App to help blind and visually impaired individuals do stone carving. Something this population has not normally had the opportunity to do. The team has a basic membership and is trying to link an audio file to a button since our audience will rely on the audio more than video. You can learn more about our project at GMHSRT_FLL_World_WCAX.mp4 - Google Drive

When we add a component (Audio) from the left hand side of the interface and then go the right side and under general select Audio → Custom and we add the URL. A audio display shows on the screen but it shows time as 0:00/0:00. The file we are testing is the following which should not be protected: See the stone audio help.mp3 - Google Drive

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Luis! here is the response from David to a similar post.



Thanks for pointing me to this response.

Much appreciated.