How to add a new text field in my form

Hi, I’ve made a multi-step form.

In my data I have say ‘’topic’’ and In the column next to it ‘‘topic (1)’’

I want my user on the form to be able to click a button if they want to display and use '‘topic (1)’’ if they click this the topic (1) text entry will appear.

I can’t find any way of doing this please help


Do you want the following entry fields to show after clicking the Add More button?
You need to use the set columns action and write any value to the User Specific Column, then set the visibility of these entry components if that USC column is not empty.

yes I want them to be able to add another text entry field, for example, topic (1) and then write their answer in it and that data go to the data column in the back end.

is this an option in the multi step form ??

No, this is an option for most elements. Check visibility condition in options

when you say write any value what do you mean? I need the user to click add and the write there own data in this text entry box? sorry this is so hard to explain with out being able to show you live

By any value… I mean anything, so the cell is not empty, then you set visibility if the column is not empty

ok I’ve done that but I put in (1) as the value and I click add and it appears with (1) in the text entry field on the form but if I delete that (1) field disappears off the form

The button need to set a special column that is assigned to that button… add a new column, mark it user-specific.

all my columns are user specific

Ok, but when the Add More button is clicked, did you add a new column to set the value? Or are you just using these entry field columns?

I’m using the entry field columns. As in the last image I’ve made topic and topic (1)

add a new USC column just for this button

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 20.18.03

the button should set any value in the new column, then the visibility for the next entry fields should be set if this column is not empty