How much is my app worth?

Hey there! How much would you say a glideapp is worth to a business if it does not bring in money directly.

unless you made it worth something… :wink:


I guess it depends on what you mean by “directly”. Does the app save time, increase competitive advantage, provide credibility, provide differentiation, increase internal efficiencies, decrease risk (legislative or otherwise). All of these will provide “value” of varying degree to businesses of varying size across varying sectors. So, is the app worth anything - probably yes if it addresses any of these. However it’s for you to workout the actual quanta based on market research and customer discussions.


How much is an app that prevents 10 employees from being injured on the job worth? How much is an app that causes an employee to share a new idea that significantly improves the company’s product worth? How much is an app that prevents $1M of inventory being lost in a warehouse worth?

Obviously, this depends on the business and the app.


In my case I have built an app that makes passwords that are easy to crack more secure while still maintaining the same memorability of the password by passing it through an algorithm. The app prevents data breaches and enhances the security of the users in an easy to use format.


What does the app do and how does it benefit the company? My job is entirely based around these ideas and I might be able to give you a more direct answer.


@Costas_Christodoulou the value of your particular app is worth more than just money it can also prevent reputational damage to a business and make it unviable, so good on you for creating it. :+1:



For what’s worth a year later, I agree with all opinions here, as I have to defend myself a “Business Model” for a really free app with no ads nor personal data storage, not a single email taken as hostage, no click-baits.
Data is the new Money.
If you secure people’s data, you save them Money but also Time and Reputation.

My personal theory is that if you make your customers
earn / save
Money, Time & or Reputation,
you create great Value

Even though all KPIs does not exist yet or are humanly underrated to measure them as much as they deserve.

As Albert says☝️