¿How many rows can I save in Private-Pro Plan?


We are a social service organization and we want to create an App for every one who want to use it for reports and news.

So, we need to know if the Private Pro Plan has de same limitations of the Pro Plan about how many data rows to save. Can I use de full capacity for saving visitors data in the sheet?

I also need to know: if I create an App for people to read news and leave their contact info. Is that counted as users for the payment of the plan?

Which plan in convinient for me in this case?

The main difference between Pro and Private Pro is that with a Pro app, anybody can sign into the app. With a Private Pro app, you can restrict who has access to sign into the app. There are some additional minor differences, such as role based security and being able to send emails, but everything else is the same including the number of rows.

If you want anybody to be able to sign in and use the app, then use a Pro subscription.
If you want to control who has access to sign into the app, then use the Private Pro subscription.

If you use the Private Pro subscription and don’t know who your user’s are then they won’t be able to sign in, so no, they would not be counted as user. Users that you have granted access to a private pro app will be counted only if they are active within the app within the billing cycle month.