How do I use a boolean to make a page visible or not?

I want to have the ability to make profiles visible, or not, as an admin. Profiles are set up in details view and I added the boolean to my database and added a button to the front end to turn on or off but how do I make it so that it affects the entire profile and not just certain aspects of it?

Hi Katelyn,

You can add a visibility condition to the Profile Tab like boolean>is>false. Then when the Admin press the button the entire profile tab is hidden for that user.

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A Boolean has three states…

Empty, False, and True

In some cases it’s better to use “is not True” for Boolean logic. “Is not true” will cover you when the state of the Boolean is empty or false.


If I am on someone’s profile like this. Where exactly is the profile tab? I am only seeing screen tabs on the left and then ‘general’ and ‘edit form’ on the right. There is no visibility tab for the whole page that i can find?

What Dilon mentioned is the User Profiles table. You can have boolean columns in your profiles table and reference that in the tab visibility settings.

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OK, i do have the boolean in my profiles table. I just still don’t know where to add the visibility condition? I included a picture above for reference. Do i need to include the condition on the list of profiles instead of the profile itself? So that it doesn’t show in a list so no one can click on it?

The screen shot you showed is a details view.
You can hide individual components on that screen with visibility settings, but to hide the whole screen you’d have to go back one level and apply the settings there. If the previous screen is a list layout, then you could prevent users with “hidden” profiles from appearing in the list by filtering on that boolean value.


Perfect that’s what i needed thank you

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