How do I make an app public with optional login option?

OK all,
I made this app with 230 Dutch podcasts. Really nice, I think :wink:
Now I want something extra.
I want to personalize stuff.
I made a ‘My Podcasts’ tab where I filter the podcasts someone has favorited with a button action (so not the Glide Favorite).
That works. I get a different page than a different user.
So far I’ve been using login with email as setting.
But I want the app to be public for starters and want the user only to login when necessary, so when the person wants to start favoriting.
I know some of you do this all the time, so I hope you can help!
What is the best route to do this?
Thanks in advance!

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Look this acction button: Show Sign In - Glide Library. To use this you have to make your app Public but first you need to put the users sheet in order to make this action worked well. I mean to add your users sheet here:

And in this post you have the visibilities to make some parts visible and some others not: Sign in action


Thanks, I’ll have a look!

Had never seen the Show Sign In button! :wink:

I use it in an App a few days ago and it works very well, also the visibility conditions in order for example to hide the profile tab to users not signed in or to hide the button when a user has signed in.

Great, yeah this should do the trick!

I just used it and it all works like a charm. Cool! Thanks!


Glad you have discovered it. It’s really useful