How do I hide a sheet from Glide?

Hello all,

I have a Google Sheet which records user activity on my site for certain actions. With about 8 daily and 50 weekly active users, the sheet gets populated very quickly. The sheet is only for me to observe user activity and has no other use. It is seriously slowing down my site and increasing the number of rows used. Is there a way to hide the sheet from Glide, but still collect data to the sheet everyday?

Thank you!

If a sheet is used by an app in ANY way (even just adding rows without displaying the data in the app) then it will be counted against your row usage and the app will still download that data to the user’s device.

If the rows have emails, you can apply row owners to help reduce the number of rows that are sent to the end user. That would help with speed. Otherwise you would probably need a process, such as a script, which would move the data to another sheet and delete it from the original sheet. It could be something that’s triggered to run daily or weekly. That way, the amount of data in the sheet that’s used by glide is kept small.


As Jeff pointed out, if Glide interacts with the sheet in any way, then the rows will count.

One way you could do this and keep the sheet hidden from Glide would be to use an external tool such as Integromat to record the user actions. I imagine that you currently have actions sprinkled throughout your app that Add a row to this sheet. What you could do is change those actions to instead trigger a webhook, and include in the payload the information that needs to be recorded. And then have Integromat write a new row to the sheet. Using this approach, you could even record the data in a completely separate Google Spreadsheet.