Lots of data to manage

I have been working with glide for about 2 years.
My biggest job with glide has registered over 100k users and now I’m worried about what will happen to my app because there is too much data inside.
Is it possible to speak to a glide expert to understand how I can prevent the damage?


You can check this out

As Shantanu noted, you can use row owners to bring down the number of rows the user has to actually download when they open the app.

However, if there are too many users at once trying to write data to your Sheet (if you’re using a Sheet) then you might have a problem. Do you build your database in Glide Tables or Google Sheets?

Shure, i use it.
I’m scared about Google sheets limits. I think the problem can be Google sheets not Glide.

We build all on Google sheets, whit some script for some fuctions.

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You can try to move rows which aren’t being used to other sheet.

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This look interesting, i try to undestand if possible to do this.

If you are concerned about reaching limits in Google Sheets, you might consider moving your data to Glide Tables. It could be a lot of work to migrate and then rebuild.

For the migration part, check out this post by @Krivo

We use some script in Google sheets and we can’t go only on glide.

There’s an old trick I used to use when I was using Glide regularly. You can use a separate google sheets workbook to store data. in that workbook you have a page pull the data you need to lookup into it. Then the workbook thats not associated with glide will run its lookup with that data and return just the results you need. And finally in your glide associated google sheet it does the same thing and as the other sheet and has a page that equals the resulted query.

Or you can run a script to export the JSON of the non associated sheet and use that as a Query in Glides sheets to pull the data in a similar manner.