How do I get a button to trigger a boolean

I’m trying to allow business owner to delete team member profiles that are no longer working for them.

I want to have a warning button before actually deleting the user row so I’d like to have the first button trigger a boolean so that the second button can confirm deletion.
For the first button I need to know what action needs to happen in order to trigger the boolean.

If there’s a better way to go about this, I’m open to other routes as well! Thanks!

If you just need to set a boolean value, you can use a Set Column action and set the boolean column to TRUE. It would be best to set your boolean column as User-specific if it isn’t already!

great thanks! just curious, why set the column to user specific? what could happen if it’s not? the right profile would be deleted either way, no?

oh wait, but if it gets triggered and not deleted and then a different business owner goes to delete a different profile, it would also get deleted? is that it?

It depends where you’re storing the boolean choice. If it’s in your user profile table, then you don’t necessarily need to make it User-specific. If it’s outside that table and you don’t make it User-specific, then it would be checked for anyone who uses the app, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you want the process to work. I just like making these sorts of things User-specific to ensure the user using the app is having their own unique experience and what they do isn’t affecting others who may be using it at the same time.