Delete selected Row not working

I want to be able to allow the user to delete some row in a table.
So I created a booleen column in the data table.
This column allow the user to select or not the row.

Then a created a button with a condition : " if Selectionner is checked delete Row"

I do not understand the result.
When the user select/check the first row the button is visible and if the user press it, it delete the row properly.
When the user slect another row (the second one, or third one or any other), the button is not visible and so it is not possible to delete the row.

Any explaination ?And any solution to that problem ?

Are you trying to do this with a Data Grid component?

Sounds like your condition is applying to the screen, which is attached to the first row in the table, which is why your button only appears when the boolean in the first row is checked.

I tried to do it both with the data grid actions options and with a component “button”.
The result is the same.

Capture delete row condition

I don’t understand what do you mean by “Sounds like your condition is applying to the screen”

Your button is attached to the screen, not the Data Grid. So it’s attached to the first row in the table. This means that the condition in the action is only checking the first row.

To do what you are trying to do, you would have to set it up as follows:

  • Start by adding a Template column with just the word true
  • Next create a Relation column that matches that Template column with your boolean column. This can either be a single relation or a multiple relation. If you make it a single relation, then only the first checked row will be deleted. If you make it a multiple relation, then all checked rows will be deleted.
  • Now change your custom action as follows:
    – Make the condition “if relation is not empty”
    – And change the Delete Row from This Item to instead delete via the relation.

If you make the above changes, you should get what you are looking for.


Here is what I did. But the result is the button appears only when the first row is checked.
Otherwise it doesn’t appears

You have the relation around the wrong way. You need to select the template column first, and then match it with the boolean column.

Perfect it works !!
Thank you for your help

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