Delet row depending on value

I’m trying to do something to delete a row based on the value (false or true in my case).
(Deleting a user’s row after they delete their account).

The action → Delet row seems to not be able to do it in my case.

I’ve read several articles about deleting a row but I haven’t really found how to apply it.
i’have found some javascript with row id and checkMatch but i’m not sure how to use it

Thank in avance

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One way to do this would be to have a button that first changes a property in their profile, maybe something like a column that saves “delete” as the value if they press the button. Do this with a set column.

Then a second button (you could do this with a confirmation like “Are you sure?”) the action would have a condition to check the value of the “delete” column mentioned above and if it meets the condition you delete the row.

i’have one column (on the table where the row should be delet) with the checkbox if the user is delete but i don’t know how to delet them after

but if i try to use one button with the action delete the row, i’haven’t find a way to specific witch row

Oh, you can’t do it for a list of records, you would need to do this each row at a time. If you want to delete a number of items you would need to do it from your data source or in the data editor.

And from the tables, I have a way to delete rows based on their value ?
other than selecting them manually

No, you don’t.

There’s no easy way to mass delete rows, what I would do is:

  • Create a relation setup to return all the rows matching your condition to delete.

  • Use a joined list column to join all rowIDs from that relation.

  • Send that list to Make/Zapier and iterate through them to delete one by one via a HTTP call.

That’s assuming we’re talking about Glide Tables. If you have them in Google Sheets, do a filter in Sheets and delete all rows from that filter.


Hi @Moiforfun, you will need to use automation as @ThinhDinh said.

If you use Google spreadsheet, I can build a script that can do that for you.

Best Wishes,

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Damn was hoping we have a way in glide.

Thank everyone for your anwser and help

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