How do I edit in Cloudinary? (see sample)

Hi & Sorry to bother you with maybe very obvious thing, but I wanted to start by testing this template, with my own text. And there’s no way I can find how to edit: whenever I click on the url, il opens the url.
How am I supposed to edit?
Cloudinary Management Console - Transformations

I can’t even replace the Sample Text “The More You Know” by my own one, for a start.

First upload an image to the base folder and use it as background.
Then use the text component to add text by specifying the x and y co-ordinates.
These are URL changes.
An example can be found below.$text_!The%20More%20You%20Know!,$arc_115/fl_lossy,q_auto/co_rgb:000000,e_distort:arc:$arc,g_center,l_text:futura_50:$(text),o_50,x_-2,y_-186/co_rgb:ffffff,e_distort:arc:$arc,g_center,l_text:futura_50:$(text),o_50,x_1,y_-189/c_scale,w_250/v1638532196/recipes/scout-chrono.png

Replace your text between the $text_! and !
using the URL directly.
For example:$text_!The%20is%20a%20test%20striing!,$arc_115/fl_lossy,q_auto/co_rgb:000000,e_distort:arc:$arc,g_center,l_text:futura_50:$(text),o_50,x_-2,y_-186/co_rgb:ffffff,e_distort:arc:$arc,g_center,l_text:futura_50:$(text),o_50,x_1,y_-189/c_scale,w_250/v1638532196/recipes/scout-chrono.png


Thks, but where exactly is the text component?
I only see images “components” on the left pane, and nothing as simple as a text “component”. Is it really a component, or do I have to edit the raw url? Provided I know how to click in edit mode without opening the url instead.
Very confused.
I can load my background, OK, but there’s no (easy) way I can find the simple text layout “component”

I tried the “More options”, “Overlay”, but it’s expecting an image, not a simple text.
I also tried “Add tag”, it does not seem to react as I thought

I don’t understand how you enter in edit mode in the 1st place. I can only launch the url, never edit it :confused:

Just guess :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Screenshot 2021-12-03 192818

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Yes, this is how Cloudinary works, it allows us to change the image via the URL without having to go back to the dashboard.

Have you seen my tutorial?

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Aha, I may start to understand:
scout-chrono.png (250×334) (

I just edit the url from my browser’s address bar. Is it how this is supposed to work?


Here’s a more indepth video tutorial. I’ll make a more polished version within the next couple days:

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Thks, Bob :cherry_blossom: You also solved another enhancement I wished to colorize Youtube thumbnails, thus harmonizing them better with my layout, instead of “patchworking videos-list”.
Where did you find all the parameters?

These were helpful:

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:star_struck: with classy James Stewart as a bonus. Perfect, thks Bob. I feel less stupid.

Alas, my good Bob, I was hoping to blend the Youtube miniatures to #8F6072 rosegold shade of color, but unfortunately, the target column does not even show up in the list of replacement candidates in the template URL :bowing_man: Tant pis. So long with the Youtube patchwork.

Done! The User Name on a mug.
I have not shaped the text yet to the rounded shape perspective.
And tested with short and longer names: Cloudinary can fit and resize font according to a max width. I plan to let users specify a shortname limited in character length for their drink in their profile. Any name too long will show only initials, in the worst case scenario.
Except that my mug is kinda levitating above the Hint. Quite funny, actually, but if you can advise me how to layout better. Any ideas?

you can see it in test app here:
Even if you’re a guest.