How do I create a Home Page

I have watched the tutorial videos and was not able to create a home page.
I have never created an app before. I can’t seem to figure out how to get my title, message, and image to show up. I would appreciate any assistance.

Have a tab pointing to the sheet tab where you have your home info.
Use the detail view.
It will automatically load the info in the sheet.

Check out any of the free templates that have a home screen, and you’ll understand how it works.

Hi Jesus,

I still can’t get my drop downs for my welcome tab to open so I can create the welcome page.

Can you look and see what I am doing wrong?


First, check in your tabs which sheet you have linked for your welcome screen.

Afterwards, make sure you have some kind of content in said sheet.

Let me know how it goes

Got that part…how do I make the link for my image open? It just shows as the link?

Now change the component.
Select an image component, and point it to the column with the image in it.
Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 2.24.31 PM

I am getting there…slowly but surely… I appreciate your patience.


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Do you have access to my app? I would love for you to see how much I got done with your help.


Well done!
Maybe the welcome screen change it to a Detailed view instead of a Card view?
Looks very good so far!

Thanks…will work on it again tomorrow.

Thanks so much for your help !

Sandye Cox

Region 10

Transition Consultant


Hi Sandye,

It is always recommended to have a Details view for your “Home” page.

I also do that for one of my apps, and it does not have to be content from only 1 sheet. For this, I use inline lists to get data from multiple sheets (as in “latest” contents added) for the home page.

Please comment here or send me an email at if you need further assistance.

Good morning,

I am getting a bit more comfortable making changes.

Can you tell me how to get the printed Welcome off my Welcome Tab. I just want my Welcome Picture and the description.

I can figure out how to get to it to delete it.

Thank you,


That’s the name of the tab.
You can’t delete the top Welcome… Unless yor tab doesn’t have a name, then you’ll see nothing up there.

Darn. Maybe I will change my picture to avoid double welcomes.

Thank you for being so patient and responsive.

I think this will eventually turn out really well.

Have a wonderful day…


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