Can I create a "Home" page without any links to any other section of the app?

So, I thought to try a “Home” screen as an intro to the app. I don’t need any of the images to be clickable or anything. I want to add image as my header and footer but have content in-between with info of what to expect from the app. Is this something I can do or what type of page layout will give me this effect?

Yes, you can most certainly do that.

Any screen that you create will insist on being attached to a table in your database, but you are not obliged to use any of the data in the table in any way.

What I would probably do is create a new Glide Table with a single row and call it “Home”, and build the home screen on top of that. It can start off as an empty table, but it’ll be there if you ever need it.

In terms of layout and presentation, the choices are endless. And the options you have depend on whether you’re working with Apps or Pages. If you’re working with an App, be sure to select a Details Layout, as this will give you maximum flexibility in terms of what you can add to the screen.

Other than that, I’d say just start adding various components and experiment a bit until you find something that you like.


Just what I was looking for :hugs:

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