Design home page

I’m looking for how is built this home page, with which components ?
Especially this part :

What about the buttons “le programme complet” and “vos plus belles photos” ?

The ability to add components to a screen happens in the details layout only.

Image > link to screen

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I think there is a background image and 2 buttons on it. How to do that?

not sure 100% but it was mentioned in the recent glide together video. Think its 2 images with a button on each put together. i.e. 1 image split into 2.

I believe there are no actual button components. It’s more of an illusion of buttons. It’s just 2 images, one over the other. Each image links to a different screen.

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OK, i agree with that.

Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to figure this out too. Maybe details is new or I just never knew about it! This is going to improve my app so much!

A couple more questions about the PIAO app (

  1. Is this a pro app? I’m trying to figure out if some of the features they used are only pro or if I could implement some of them into my app?

  2. I understand they used the Details page to be able to use the components, but how did they also use some of the “Style” options? I don’t see them on components (or I missed those options). For example, this page below looks like it uses both the columns and possibly two of the buttons OR created “button” images then added them into the app. Thoughts?


Can we ask the creator of this app if they would be willing to do a video tutorial or show screenshots of the behind the scenes of this app? They really took their app to a whole new level and it’s very inspiring!

Thank you in advance!

You can add an inline list to a details layout. When you click on that inline list, you can then change the style to your liking.

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