Adding image slides in home screen

How does one get to create two slideshows in one home screen like the image below


Hi, it’s probably done via inline list with “Tiles” or “Card” layout. Here, given there is a title (cf. “new pick” and “trending”), there are 2 inline lists


You need to use the details style layout. Add 2 inline lists to the screen and configure them as tiles or cards in the horizontal layout.

I am so lost

I will help you. What are you trying to accomplish? Private message me.

Where are you getting stuck?

The tab that uses your Home sheet should be set up in the Details Style Layout. By default, this will display information in the first row of your Home sheet…unless you set a filter on the Home screen tab. For starters…and the simplest method…you can then add two inline list components and point them to whichever sheet would contain the items you want to display. Then you can set appropriate filters on each inline list.

If you needed a more advanced setup, you could create relation columns in the home sheet to the data sheet that contains the list you want to display. Then point each inline list component to each relation column.

Start with that and see if you need more help.