Horizontal & Vertical list

Hi guys. I have probably a simple question, but haven’t been able to find how to do it.
In my list of items, say I want to “showcase” 5 items in a horizontal list (large pics) and the rest of the items have them on a vertical list. All items are in the same sheet.

Is this possible using a map, list or compact list layout?

Thanks y’all

I think you can do this with 2 inline lists - one set to slide horizontally, the other set to slide Vertically. Flag your lists as Featured and Regular (or whatever you are using to separate them), add both lists to your layout. Featured on top, regular underneath.

Your featured list will need to be set as tiles, and then you choose the size, # per row, etc.

Your regular list can be just a regular list, or you can set it as smaller tiles, etc.