Display custom greeting on home page

Has anyone done custom greetings on the home screen and if yes could you please point me towards some examples or resources?

I want a simple greeting like this:
Good morning/afternoon/evening, Doomba!
Your stats:
Stat 1: 20
Stat 2: 30
Target: 100

Is it as simple as creating a home page with a list of user names and emails, enabling filter by signed in user for that page only (all records in other pages must be visible to all), and displaying a templated message?

I would say yes, home page filtering by signed in user should do it.

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I’m looking at creating something similar, have you managed to achieve this?

Yes. This is my current home screen.

The welcome name and team name are custom messages. I’m not sure if there is a better way, but the following is what I have done:

  1. I have a HOME tab with a list of user name, email, team, custom welcome message, and custom team message. The custom welcome message is a concatenation of “Welcome” & the user name. Same for team message.

  2. Filter the HOME page for signed-in users

If you want some common elements (like the app name perhaps) to be visible to all users, you could create a column in Glide which takes a Single Value.

Brilliant, can you share more info of how you did this? Thanks

Set up a tab on the spreadsheet like this and call it HOME.

Make that a “Detail” layout. Add the welcome message as a rich text component.

Filter by signed-in user.

You will also be able to preview the page as the user sees it.


Brilliant, thanks

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My addition to this thread:
I have a sheet called “Lists” and on that sheet in Column K I have a list of possible GREETINGS I would like my users to see when they log on.

Then, on my HOME sheet I have this:

So, my users get a RANDOM greeting from a LIST I have prepopulated (and can add or delete from at any time)

BTW: Anyone have a greeting idea not listed here:

Hey there
Good 2 C U
Well, Hello
Looking good


@spencersRus I’ve had weird issues with RANDBETWEEN not updating in the app unless other data in the sheet changes. I’ve sat and watch the values change from RANDBETEEN in the sheet, then go and reload the sheet in the app builder. It would not update the values in the app. Only when I make a change in the data elsewhere in the app or sheet would it update the random value. It was weird too, because the value displayed in the sheet would not match what was shown in the app. Just curious if you have ran across this. I’ve tried this in the Random/Advertising Links portion of https://concepts.glideapp.io/


My question would be how do you make it so that the welcome message only displays at app launch? Hitting the Home tab after navigating away would bring you to the Start button again, wouldn’t it?

Well, I have not noticed it a lot, mainly because I am not SUPER concerned with what it says, just that it does say SOMETHING.

I do have ONE cell that I call the CHANGE cell that I just change the number in that cell and the images update.

Also, my images are google drawing images that want to change when updated. Here is one:
=“https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/e/2PACX-1vRua53PXAcoERAuAUq8ao4hSuDM1O4hXjRBbq4r9AZMSCSDKwzoYwUhgA-pg3WiA17UUWrznROaKLMN/pub?w=960&h=72” & “&cachebust=” & RESET!$A$2

Starts with an = then the google drawing image link in “” then the & “&cachebust=” & RESET!$A$2

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I kind of do this in the Onboarding example of my app, but it requires the user to check a box before the page the view changes. It’s not automatic and would require some sort of user input. I suppose you could do some sort of script to create a user record with welcome message values filled when a new user is registered in the App:Logins sheet, then another script to clear out the value after a certain amount of time. I don’t know of a way to do it every time the app launches though.

I am also trying to do this, would be great is there is a simpler way to do that

I got it working yesterday so I’ll check my setup when I get into work later this morning.

Edit: sorry wrong post. I didn’t get this working.

thanks, looking forward