How do i add product variation to my app

I have products that are the same but vary in size and color!
the “item_group_Id” is what distinguishes what products are similar but vary by size and color.
I added an inline list to my detailed product page by the name “more listings”. Eventually, I will have to change it to “similar items”, but that inline list shows all my products, no surprises there. but i want it to only show what products that are similar to those in “item_group_Id”
For example: when a customer clicks on a product that contain “desks” in its “item_group_Id” column
i want the inline list to show all the products that has the word “desks” in its “item_group_Id” column.
I looked at the option tab for the inline list and under “visibility”, and somehow i cant get that to work.
Any suggestions?

Create a multiple relation column that matches the ITEM_GROUP_ID to itself.
Then use that column as the source of an Inline List on your Product Details screen.


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